1. Water
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We are being turned in, whirled, stretched and spun into motion. 
Everything is moving. 
Being pulled into the descending motion of gravity.
This is the downward caress and singing of rivers on rocks of pain, 
washing free the burdens. 
In the cells, in the molecules, the bones and blood and sinew of the body 
the water is breaking free. 

Strings of moving light, waterfalls of thoughts, hopes, aspirations. 
A new beginning. Watching. Listening. 
Nothing stops here, there, here is the Source and now it is gone. 
Here is the feeling, here is the heart.  
It cascades through us.  The dark and light of water. 

Oh the joy is there and also the despair. 
They move together in the same current. 
The stream becomes the river and the river finally meets the ocean. 
All is moving down into the rocks, roots and gravel, moving the bottom. 
A hot yellow sun evaporates the water.

Water moves upwards and condenses. 
Clouds appear and fill with the tears of rivers. 
With the sorrows and hard times of humanity. 
It is raining. Don't hide from the rain.