1. Earth
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A heartbeat to the west
In the ribcage of the earth
A heartbeat
Fashion me of clay, fashion me of alabaster
I am yours, old earth

In the slow light, in slowest light
a possibility whispers me awake
The memory runs deep
It empties into the silent depths
That hide in the dark of stone
This is where we have come from
This is where we are going

On the palms of your hands
In your bones and blood and heart
This is the map. Follow it
The geography of what you are

Emerging possibility
Where we are born and where we die
This is the map to follow
This is the map, follow it now

I am yours old earth, my first lover
you are in my bones
Rocks and roots beneath my feet

I am returning to you, I am returning
Roots grow through ancient rock
Deep into the darkness
The tree of my body grows the earth
Within me
Don't be afraid

I reach outside me to light
My branches reach inside me to light
I reach in and outside me to light

Mountains and sky
Calling, calling you to come home.

Come home to this ancient belonging
Opening to the deep heartbeat of light