1. Spirit
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You must risk everything for this.
Still, wind blows from every direction
and pine boughs crack and break
under the weight of a ten thousand glistening snowflakes

Still, you don't know what love is
We hunch together in dark caves of fear,
visited by ghosts of loss, War, famine, genocide.

Good and evil cut through the heart of most things.

Still, after the sorrow, flocks of red and green birds
arrive to bring you to bright joy
They were always singing
Listen to the music of kindness
Listen how they whisper you awake.

Still, we are lost and then found,
 over and over and over again
And all begins right here again.
You must risk everything for spirit.

In the hearth of your soul
A homecoming to your true belonging,
a companionship with everything.

Through all the great seasons of life
it is always there.
a deep well of love within,
The still point in the center of your heart
the one who knows.