Released: december 15, 2015

Julien Valiquette : Voice, Keyboards, Guitar, Electric Double Bass, Percussions
Trisha Pope : Voice and Flute
Estelle Tison : Violin

Our debut album called The Medicine Wheel is a musical tribute to the five sacred elements of the shamanic medicine wheel. There are five tracks, one for each of the five elements of the medicine wheel (Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit). The lyrics are poems about the elements and the music is written to evoke the elements, like a guided meditative journey through the elements.

The music draws influences from various styles including Acoustic, Folk, Soft Progressive Rock and World music.

You can purchase the physical CD or the digital version below.

How Do I... (single)
Released May 18, 2017
Music and Lyrics by Julien Valiquette
Performed by Heart Song Warrior
Julien Valiquette : Voices, two acoustic guitars, keyboard, and shaker